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How to style on a budget: The laundry

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In most households, the laundry is always in use, yet it can easily be neglected in terms of design, layout and finishing touches. Whether large or small, creating a space that is functional, efficient and also comfortable will not only make the laundry chores more manageable, you may actually start to enjoy them! To help you make the most out of your space, I’ve put together 10 great tips to consider.

1. Placement of the laundry. For those who are renovating, the laundry should ideally be placed at the back door so that you can easily access the clothesline.

2. Drying Racks. In addition to, or even as an alternative to using an outdoor clothesline, you may choose to install an indoor drying rack. Integrated systems such as a DIY hanging rod or pull out drying rack are great for small spaces. For stylish free-standing options, I recommend checking out the selection at Father Rabbit.

How to style on a budget The Laundry image 23. Positioning of Appliances. In order to easily transfer wet clothes from washer to dryer, stack the appliances or place them side by side. Front-loading machines can be stacked with a dryer to save floor space, or topped with a counter for a work space. If you have front loading washers and dryers, consider raising them off the floor, to avoid having to crouch down to load and unload clothes.

4. Storage. Store detergents and other laundry essentials in closed cabinets or open shelving above or next to the appliances. For extra ease and efficiency, I recommend storing frequently used items on an open shelf, placed at an easily reached height. Higher shelves can be reserved for occasionally used items. The benefit of having open shelving is you will be more likely to keep things in a neat and orderly fashion because they will be on display.

5. Baskets. When designing a laundry room, it’s important to allow enough space in front of the appliances to easily fill and empty them. Avoid clutter and the temptation to leave soiled clothes on the floor by using baskets. Stack them in an orderly arrangement, but ensure they are still within easy reaching distance of the appliances.

6. Good lighting. Ensure the lighting in your laundry is efficient for intended tasks. Windows which allow both natural light and air to flow through will also improve and uplift the space.

7. Integrate an ironing centre. If you have the luxury of planning ahead, look at incorporating a recessed system that fits in the space right between your wall studs. These allow more space so you can store your iron or even include a garment hanger. Plus, an electrician can run electricity right into the unit for an iron and/or a work light. Alternatively, if you have less space consider a simple wall-mounted ironing board.

8.The Sink. A deep sink is ideal for laundry chores and can even double as a pet washing station. Ensure however that it is sufficiently elevated.

9. Work bench/surface. Install a work surface for sorting, treating, and folding clothes. With front-loading appliances placed side by side, a counter on top of the machines is an easy way to save space. A counter above the machines also stops clothes from falling in and behind the washer or dryer.

10. Decor and Finishing Touches. If you are renovating, create cohesion with the rest of the home by bringing in some of the same elements, such as colour palette or tiles. Choose stylish storage options (as suggested above) and add some finishing touches such as artworks or fresh flowers.

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