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How to style on a budget: The home office

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While there are benefits to working from home, keeping distractions at bay can be challenging. Creating a separate home office or study that is stylish, functional and conducive to work will encourage productivity and the flow of creative ideas. In terms of interior design and styling, the home office lends itself to a much more personal approach than that of a traditional office. Here are my tips for bringing function, style and fun to your home office space.

Think outside the ‘office furniture’ box

Create a natural sense of cohesion with the rest of your home by choosing furniture that doesn’t seem out of place. A comfortable, stylish dining chair is a great option for the study. Pair it with a cosy sheepskin for extra comfort and warmth. Add rustic warmth with a vintage desk or give it a fresh lease of life with a coat of white paint. An alternative to the traditional desk, tables can also work well – consoles are great for compact spaces while dining tables are well suited to larger ones.

Get creative

My top tip for the home office is ensure that it reflects your own personal style. Affordable and fun, create a moodboard with magazine tear sheets, postcards and anything else that inspires you. My work is focused around interiors but right now my office moodboard includes a mix of fashion, design, landscapes, photography and architecture across a colour palette I am currently loving. Inject further personality and interest by displaying your favourite objects, light a scented candle for ambience, add a vase of fresh flowers and choose an artwork that makes your heart sing.

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Storage ideas

Save your valuable floor space by doing away the filing cabinets and installing some wall shelves. Not only will this keep everything you need at hand while keeping your desk uncluttered, you can use the shelves to display those favourite objects mentioned above.

Light it up

Whether your office is a separate room, small nook or corner, I recommend positioning yourself near natural light as this will lift your mood and encourage productivity. Combine overhead lighting with a directional lamp in the form of a table or floor lamp. I currently have a Clip Cage Light in my office which is clipped onto my shelves providing great directional lighting when I am working at my desk in the evenings.

Plant power

A must for the home office, plants are proven to increase productivity, reduce sickness, improve air quality and increase creativity. Place a small plant such as a succulent on your desk or shelves and a larger one on the floor. For something different, try housing the bigger plant in a basket or use a stylish plant stand.

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