Having a family

New budget – new house

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Claire and Enrico are a Plunket family who we followed in the lead-up to their first baby's birth. Read on for the third part in their exciting journey to becoming parents.

Claire and Enrico bought a house! It all happened so fast, recalls an excited Claire. Within a month of house hunting they had found the right place and their offer was accepted.

“It was a surprise, because after going through our budget again, we found we were actually in a position to buy a house, when we thought we hadn’t been,” says Claire.

Proud home owners

After creating yet another budget, the couple figured out that they would be saving $50 a week compared to the cost of renting, including rates and house and mortgage insurance etc which are all things you need to consider when you’re trying to work out what’s best for you.

“Our saving were going well. With the new house the bank account didn't look too flash once the deposit was paid, but long term it made sense for us to pay off our own home instead of someone else’s," says Claire.

Saving with the Baby Budget Calculator

With a few months to go until baby's arrival, the baby budget was almost set, says Claire. The couple included all the new house costs and knew how much they could spend on food shopping.

They also put money aside each week to cover things like the monthly power, petrol and water bills so they didn't get caught out and risk their prompt payment discount. They also revisited the BNZ Baby Budget calculator and got a buzz out of seeing the total drop as they ticked off things they already had.

“The big ticket items we thought we’d buy new for our baby, we decided we didn’t need to – instead we could borrow, buy secondhand, or wait for sales,” says Claire. “I bought a great cot mattress in a half-price sale and my sister gave me her cot, so that was a great saving!”

Moving into their new home

Fortunately, the house didn't need renovating and was perfect to just move straight into, says Claire. “That was a good thing because neither of us were really home renovators. By this time, the nesting instinct was kicking in and I hadn't been able to do much because we’d been so busy. So when I was told what our fourth and final challenge would be, I was pretty excited.”