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For general enquiries, call 0800 275 269

Free phone, available every day, 6:30am–11pm.Contact us image3
For all services, products, and feedback.

From overseas, call +64 4 931 8209*

Something lost or stolen? Suspected fraud?
Call 0800 735 901

Contact us image cross   Free phone, available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year (including public holidays).

   For any lost or stolen EFTPOS, debit or credit cards; Netguard cards or tokens; and/or mobile devices.
   Also if you think your credit card or debit card has been used fraudulently.

   From overseas, call +64 4 473 5901* (You can call collect from a landline)

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Contact us image bubbleIf you're already a customer, you can send us a secure message by logging in to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking and using the 'Contact' in the main menu. This is so your privacy is protected.

If you have a general question about our products and services, you can email us.

To give us feedback or make a complaint, see our feedback and complaint process.

You can also contact us on Twitter, Facebook, or ask everyone on our forums at BNZ Community.